Defensive Driver Course in Schenectady NY

By taking a 6 hour defensive driving course you will learn the necessary driving skills required to avoid accidents on the road and improve the safety of you, your passengers, other drivers operating a motor vehicle and pedestrians.

Drivers who complete the defensive driving course can receive a 10% reduction on their car insurance, along with removing up to 4 points on their driving record.

Taking our defensive driving course will prepare you to drive in various road and weather condition. Part of accident prevention is being able to recognize potential road hazards and knowing how to avoid them.

Call us today and sign up for a defensive driving course before all the spots are filled.

Our defensive driving course is available to drivers of all ages who live in Schenectady, Niskayuna, Rotterdam NY and the surrounding cities.

Common questions about the defensive driving course

Q. How long is the course?

A. The defensive driving course is a total of 6 hours long.

Q. Is there any tests or exams?

A. There are no written tests or exams required to complete the course.