5 Hour Pre Licensing Course in Schenectady NY

The 5 hour pre licensing course is a required step to getting your drivers license. All residents of Schenectady and the whole state of New York are required to take a 5 hour course before scheduling a road test, which would be the final step to getting your NY drivers license.

The 5 hour course is designed to teach students about safe driving habits, basic driving skills, defensive driving, driving under the influence, traffic signs, accident prevention and more. Overall the course should help you become a better driver and make you more prepared for driving without an adult or supervisor once you receive your full drivers license.

5 Hour Course Completion

5 Hour Course Schenectady

Once you have completed your 5 hour pre licensing course, you will be provided with a MV-278 Certificate of Completion, which will be required for signing up for a road test and will also be required to have on hand at the time of your driving road test. It's important that you show up a few minutes early to your road test.

5 hour course class schedules for Schenectady NY will be listed soon, please check back for updates.